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Before the last test in Sydney, David Warner makes a public appeal after his baggy green cap was stolen

<p>Before his farewell Test, David Warner appealed for the recovery of the backpack that had his loose-fitting green cap. The backpack vanished when his baggage was being transported from Melbourne to Sydney.</p>
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<p>Following the end of the third Test between Australia and Pakistan, which begins on Wednesday at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Warner will announce his retirement from Test cricket.</p>
<p>“Hello everyone, this is my very last resort, but my backpack—which held my Baggy Green—has been stolen from my luggage, which was delivered to the Melbourne airport and then, a few days ago, flown to Sydney on @qantas,” Warner tweeted.</p>
<p>“Although they may have blind spots, @qantas claims to have examined their cameras and not observed anybody open our luggage or steal the backpack. I have a bag if you are the person who, by accident, merely desired it and were either driving it to and from the airport for the firm or working for @qantas. If you could please get this back to me as soon as possible. Thank you,” he continued.</p>
<p>Warner said that whoever returned his baggy greens would get the backpack.</p>
<p>Warner said, “If you return my baggy greens, I’m happy to give this to you. Please reach out to Cricket Australia or myself via my social media.”</p>
<p>Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia’s Test team, has lavished praise on the departing Warner, stating that he “changed Test cricket.”</p>
<p>Cummins said on Tuesday, “I think everyone will think of him in their own way.” “I personally remember him from when he initially entered the game and significantly altered Test cricket. Unheard of for an opening hitter who typically bats 40 or 50, he was striking at over 70. That is the Davey I recall—going out there and winning the game against the opponent in a matter of hours or days, and doing it for more than ten years.</p>
<p>His longevity is a subject often disregarded. He has perhaps played more cricket than anybody else in the world throughout the past 12 to 13 years. He’s always eager to go and competitive when he goes outside. Only an Australian sporting champion. I hope this week is a decent send-off for him,” he said.</p>

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